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The Lost Hills overpass and freeway ramps are going to be rebuilt, and the design and implementation plan is critical to our quality of life and property values in Saratoga Hills and Saratoga Ranch.  The initial plan has been released and there will be a public hearing on the project on Tuesday, February 28th at Calabasas City Hall.  

For the Saratoga communities, this is the most important project in our history.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Please write your comments and come to the public hearing, this is critical for the project to be implemented with our community’s best interests in mind. 

The project will define our health and safety for the next 40 years. It is essential that Saratoga residents attend this meeting to comment on the project and to insure that the proposed $759,000 for the sound wall be included in the planned construction. Written comments are also encouraged andf will be accepted until March 13, 2012.

The proposed improvements would increase roadway widths, modify the existing northbound and southbound ramps, replace the existing bridge with four bridge lanes, increase the vertical clearance and seismic safety of the bridge, and construct a 16 high foot sound wall for 2000 feet at the edge of the freeway adjacent to Saratoga Hills and Ranch.

A public hearing will be held to discuss the project on February 28, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the City of 

Calabasas City Hall 100 Civic Center Way, Calabasas, CA.  

Where  You Come in…Your voice counts!
It is essential that Saratoga residents turn out in large numbers at the hearing and express support for the recommended project.  The following quote from the document should be enough to get you to attend:  “If during final design conditions have substantially changed, noise abatement may not be necessary.  The final decision of the noise abatement will be made upon completion of the project design and the public involvement processes (emphasis added)”.  It is clear that Caltrans, in particular, is looking for community support for the construction of the sound wall. 

Design Elements

Saratoga has been very involved in the planning process.  It is encouraging to report that the major concerns that we have submitted have been addressed in the project design:

Noise:  A 16 foot high, 2000 foot long sound wall is proposed at the edge of the freeway adjacent to Saratoga.

Retain the flat playing area in Grape Arbor Park: The Park will not be impacted by the project.

Maintain the Canwood St. alignment and eliminate the future use of Driver Ave:  Canwood St. will be improved in the current alignment and Caltrans rules will prohibit the future use of Driver Ave. with the proposed alignment of the north bound 101 Freeway off ramp at Lost Hills Road. 

Eliminate the non-traditional intersection at Lost Hills Road and Canwood Street:  All intersections will have signals.

Ensure pedestrian and bike safety crossing the Freeway: 

The dangerous left hand turn for Lost Hills Road traffic turning on to the north bound 101 Freeway has been eliminated.  North bound traffic will now make a right turn onto a cloverleaf to go north.  (This is similar to the north bound on and off ramps at Kanan Road, but not the other parts of the traffic problems at the bridge).  This means that pedestrian and bike traffic from our community will cross the north side of the bridge without encountering traffic until they reach the signal at the other end of the bridge.

Figure 13 on the next page, shows how the above design elements have been incorporated in the plan.  It is important to note that Catrans and the City originally proposed six project alternatives, none of them meeting all of the community concerns.  To their credit, they developed Alternative 7, which is the recommended project.


The project will have three major phases.  A new two lane bridge will be constructed adjacent to  the existing bridge. Traffic will be moved to the new bridge and the existing bridge will then be demolished.  Finally, two more lanes will be constructed in the alignment of the existing bridge.  There are extensive specifications which limit construction noise, dust, hours and other impacts.  But, make no mistake, it is a construction project.  There are specific requirements to ensure access for emergency vehicles and residents.  A specific schedule is not available at this time although the project is expected to take 18 months to complete.  The $21.5 million cost of the project is fully funded from past developer contributions and Measure R bond funds.

The complete report is at http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist07/resources/envdocs/

Communication is Key – Get Involved!

Residents who wish to speak at the February 28 hearing should notify normbuehring@msn.com so comments can be coordinated.  Others in attendance will be encouraged to stand during the meeting to express support for the project.   

Written comments should be sent to Caltrans, Attn:Carlos Montez, Div. of Environmental Planning, 100 S. Main St., Suite 100 MS 16A,

Los Angeles, CA, 90012.  Comments will be accepted until March 13, 2012.

Community Association of Saratoga Hills Dues 

It is your time to support the many activities of your Association to ensure the quality of life in our community and to protect and increase property values.  The annual dues of $25 per residence will insure that existing
programs can be continued and new ones can be developed.  By any standard, residents receive outstanding value for their dues contribution.     Your checks for $25 should be made payable to the “Community Association of Saratoga Hills”.  Your may either mail it to Norm Buehring at 5221 Edgeware Drive or drop it in the container on his front porch (not in the mail box).  Email normbuehring@msn.com if you wish additional information about the Saratoga community. 

Community Association of Saratoga Hills

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Your annual homeowner’s association dues are only $25 per year, and help with making your neighborhood a better place to live.  We are the only association with an updated resident directory and annual picnic…not to mention our work with City Hall and staff on issues important to our community.  Please help us help make Saratoga Hills a better place to live.



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