Welcome to the neighborhood
Community Association of Saratoga Hills

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The only neighborhood in Calabasas
to host an annual free BBQ and Picnic for all it's residents.


Your CASH Board of Directors

Norm Buehring, President  
Candace Weber, Vice President
Will Stokes, Treasurer
Priscilla Lee, Secretary
Brandon Bogeaus
Peter Heuman
Fern Huddleston
Brian Knutson
Dallas Lawrence
Robert Lia
Ryan O'Quinn
Pat Stokes
Ginger Toms

Committees of the Board of Directors
& City of Calabasas Commissioners

Cable & Communications Comm - Candice Weber
Garage Sale   -  Joan Buehring
Landscaping - Fern Huddleston, Pat Stokes
Library Commission- Ellen Pangarliotas
Land Fill - Candice Weber
Land Use - Norm Buehring
LF Homeowners Fed. - Fern Huddleston, Robert Lia
Planning Commission - Bob Lia
Newsletter - Norm Buehring
Neighborhood Directory - Norm Buehring, Robert Lia 
Picnic - Dale Lawrence et.al.
Welcome Wagon - Lori Miller




The Lost Hills Bridge hearing is now on the City web site.  It is only 36 minues long, so give it a look if you have a chance..

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Click Traffic and Transportation Commission
Click Watch Archived Meetings on the right side of the screen
Click the February 28 meeting.

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